The new age, one step at a time.
Our roadmap provides a clear and comprehensive outline of the planned activities leading up to our launch and offers an in-depth insight into how this will translate to the success of our platform.
Phase 1
Marketing & Partnerships
The success of the project will significantly rely on how well we are able to collaborate with other entities. Hence, MySocialVerse will be aggressively looking for partnerships to help aid the growth of the platform.
To attract, engage, and retain the largest user-base possible, we will employ innovative strategies to actively market the platform to our prospective users. These include current social media users, Blockchain enthusiasts, and Blockchain developers.
Articles in Major Outlets
MySocialVerse will publish articles in all major media outlets, including Bloomberg, and yahoo. This will spread awareness concerning the project extensively and stimulate adequate user interest to drive registration and jumpstart the growth of the project.
Private Investment
We will leverage our extensive institutional connections to attract adequate private investment including on-chain investment and off-chain investment. Private investors will receive the same mark up as that of the private sale.
Private Sale
For optimal efficiency and convenience, our private sale will be hosted through our website. This private sale will offer users a 50% markup on the listing price.
Our presale will take place on PinkSale. This is because we believe this is the best marketing strategy as well as the best Launchpad from which we can launch our project’s tokens.
On completion of our presale we will be launching our MSVT tokens on a decentralized exchange (DEX) to maximize revenue potential before doing the same on multiple centralized exchanges.
Phase 2
Cross-chain Bridge
MySocialVerse Token (MSVT) will be a cross-chain asset. This will optimize interoperability and make the token valuable across different Blockchain platforms.
6+ Exchange Listings
MSV token will be listed on over six exchanges shortly after launch to allow as many contributors as possible to be part of the project.
Social Media Platform Launch & Custom Advertising
Our social media platform will be live from launch, allowing top contributors to earn lucrative rewards. We will then add in custom marketing to allow users to sell their data NFTs in return for MSV token rewards.
Conduct thorough marketing campaigns to build anticipation for the launch and gain followers who will potentially be contributors to the project.
Team Expansion
Expand the team in order to have sufficient human resource to manage and execute all the extra responsibilities that will come once the project takes off.
Phase 3
Open Up To Developers
This phase will open up our community to major Ethereum developers and allow creators to monetize their custom social applications.
Launch the MySocial Blockchain
Officially launch the MySocial Blockchain to kick-start operations across all its applications.
Mass Marketing
Conduct extensive marketing in order to invite as many contributors and users to be part of the MySocialVerse community for it to grow. -