A Modern Solution to a Modern Challenge
Being a decentralized social media platform, users fully own and control their identities, data, content, and other intellectual property. As such, no one is able to use these assets without obtaining direct approval from users themselves.
This creates a prime opportunity for users on MySocialVerse to monetize their social media activities in a novel and efficient way not witnessed before. With MySocialVerse, users can now decide with whom their data is shared with for commercial purposes.
Based on their passions and interests, users choose advertisers from a pool of several corporate entities who will be able to utilize their data. Once users issue their approval, the privileged businesses can then start advertising their products based on a personalized criteria.
This ensures that users have supreme control over how their data is used as well as the content and adverts they will come across while browsing MySocialVerse. Most importantly, they will be paid by these advertisers for granting them permission to use their data.
In cases where a user is among the top 25% contributors to the platform, they stand to receive a monthly income courtesy of MySocialVerse.
Therefore, MySocialVerse opens up a whole new word of possibilities as people will be able to earn tradable tokens from browsing, sharing, and creating content. However, that is not the end of it.