🀝Token Distribution


Token Distribution

MSVT tokens will be distributed in the most optimal way to accelerate and sustain the platform’s growth and development. MSVT tokens will be allocated in the following way;

Private/ Presale; 15% will go to early participants. Tokens not sold will be burnt.

Team; 5% will be used to compensate our team of experts for their work in building the platform

Advisors; 3% will be used to compensate our group of advisors for offering their expert advice in order to ensure the success of the project

Initial rewards; 20% will be directed to rewarding top contributors of our social platform.

Liquidity; 12% will go to the liquidity pool to ensure faster transactions when trades are executed

Future use cases; 10% will be allocated to the reserve to ensure stability of the MSVT token and future utilities.

Exchanges; 10% will be allocated to exchanges shortly after launch. BURN; 35% will be burnt just after launch.

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