Token Economics

3% Transaction Tax for every buy, sell and transfer.
Our Tokenomics
As with any other Blockchain-based platform, our platform’s token is the basis of our Blockchain economy. Our native token is denoted as MSVT (MySocialVerse Token). Hence, our contributors and developers will earn income and get rewards via MSV tokens.
To liquidate their MSVT tokens, holders will trade them on our partner exchanges for redeemable cryptocurrency.
MSVT will also go live on pancakeswap as the main LP.
To ensure that our MSVT token grows in value, a portion of the tokens generated in every transaction on the network will be burnt. This will help to control supply and effectively make MSVT tokens anti-inflationary/deflationary.
The transaction fees charged on every buy, sell, or transfer of MSVT tokens will be user-friendly at 5%. 1% of this tax will be used to finance the marketing efforts for the project while 1% will be directed to the liquidity pool and 3% will be BUSD rewards.